Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Kiss from Erato

The Returned Missionary's Prayer

God, gird my loins to have sex with a woman.
Bless me with lusting heat for the daughter of Eve's tits.
Let my dick ooze for the desire of penetration.

Give me the strength to kiss her without thinking of the naked boys in the locker room as steam rises from their chests, their shoulders, their backs, nipples firm and hard asses with meaty necks framing velveteen lips and deep-pooled eyes.

Oh God, please let me want to jump her bones and mean it.


playasinmar said...

Facial hair is nice too.

I just noticed your blog subtitle is an Arrested quote. This alone grants your blog +2 Awesomeness.

Jake said...

Ah yes. One of the best shows ever on TV. It seems all the ones I really like end up dead: Firefly, Veronica Mars, AD. Now I'm gun shy from really getting into a show for fear that I'll just be abandoned again. *sigh*

playasinmar said...

I'll add The Tick to that list because I haven't had so much fun with campy TV since Xena went off the air.

Oh, it was another show fox killed off early.

Jake said...

Oh the Tick! That was hilarious as well. Plus Patrick Warburton in blue tights. That show had it all.

As much as I want to rant and rave against Fox for making such stupid decisions, at least they gave us these shows for a little while. That's something, right?

playasinmar said...

A very small, very brief something but I guess something is better than nothing.

And ultimately we did get one and two half seasons of Arrested.

Chris said...

That's kind of a hot prayer.

I love Arrested Development.

Jake said...

Anyone who likes AD is all right in my book! Not to mention that they display class, wit and love of the absurd. No wonder that all these bloggers are posting their love for you Chris!

Oh I totally forgot to give mad props to playa for noticing the AD quote! That's a +1 Spotting ability and a +2 Ubercoolness. And now I'm gonna stop before I completely geek out.