Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oprah's gone too far people!

I just received this harrowing news from a facebook friend who luckily invited me to join the facebook group Stop Oprah Winfrey!

Oh my! Hurry up everyone! Oprah has gone too far. Who does she think she is to believe and worship in a way different that us? How DARE she sponsor an online course on Jesus based on a book that views HIM in a different way! She has the GALL to practice her freedom of religion!!! Well, not if we have anything to do with it.

And 2 million people! That's almost half as many Mormons in the US. We can't let them catch up. Religion is above all a competition so let's remember that numbers matter people.

Oh for the day when OUR way is the only way to worship, believe and think. Did you know that at this moment, similar classes are being taught around the world!? Shocking but true. Right now, in colleges, universities, seminaries, synagogues, and temples around the world, the young and old are being taught all sorts of dogmas and beliefs that are NOT like ours.

This is the ...*snigger*... worst possible...*giggle*... thing that I have EVER...LOL! Ok, ok i can't keep it up anymore and keep a straight face. Really? A facebook group dedicated to stopping Oprah from holding a course? Well, you have fun with that. I have a bathroom to clean.


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

This is too funny.

The way they argued against Oprah wasn't very effective, IMO - they could have done a lot more to discredit her views. Also, calling it a church... a bit crazy too.

Oh, and is this friend at BYU or something?

Jake said...

No, unfortunately BYU wouldn't have me so I settled for SVU. The mormon-owned (not by the church, by some really rich mormons) university in Virginia. You can investigate that madness at

Needless to say, going there was the finest example, amidst an array of stellar ones, of my poor decision-making skills.

Hmmmmm.... My mission didn't have enough stress and sexual tension for my taste. I need more, and if BYU won't have me then it's SVU or bust.

I've had many wonderful lessons about educational integrity and the importance attending an accredited school than I care to think about.

She was a friend I made there.